The following are the major, on-going ministry sections within York Church.  Though these areas are small in some respects they are all essential functions.  As we grow in our overall church body we will always be in search of additional members in these areas.   Our goal is always to call on talented people who feel a call to service for the glory of our Lord and His Church.

Youth Ministry

We love students. They're smart. They're funny. They're bold. And they're bursting with potential. We truly believe that the middle and high school students in our midst are world changers in the making.     That's why student ministry is such a huge part of what we do at our church. We want to guide our students in developing a personal faith in Christ as they step into their specific roles in the story He's writing with their lives. We work hard to create environments that engage students in good conversation about God, encouraging them to ask questions, search out answers, and truly learn to listen to His leading in their lives. And maybe even have a little fun while they're at it! After all, if life in Christ is truly the best life we can live, shouldn't we encourage our students to enjoy living it to the fullest?

Children's Ministry

The heart of children's ministry at our church is to teach kids about who God is and how His word applies to their lives in creative and memorable ways. Through engaging teaching, supportive environments, and close knit small group classes, we guide kids towards a better understanding of what it means to have a real relationship with God. We want kids to know that the Bible is full of interesting stories that matter in their lives today, that fun and games are definitely allowed at church, that worship can be full of loud music and silly dancing, and that there are adults in the church who truly want to love and lead them closer to Jesus. In other words, we want them to know that where God is, life is a lot more fun!


For newborns and toddlers, we have nursery and early childhood spaces available while we offer fun learning environments for preschool age. 

Home Groups

Our mission for adult ministry is to develop communities of faith committed to learning, growing, and serving together. We truly believe that God has not called us to advance His kingdom alone, but rather, to do so in community. By joining adults in our congregation together in small groups and classes, we are partnering them with one another to push each other on to faith in Christ as well as work together to make new disciples in our community.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the starting point of everything we do. Our intercessory prayer ministry draws the people together to go before God’s throne in supplication and worship. Intercession may be defined as holy, believing, preserving prayer whereby someone pleads with God on behalf of another or others who desperately need God’s intervention.

Mission Outreach

We are a thriving, Christ-centered church committed to reaching the lost and making disciples both in our community and around the world. We support by prayer and finances more than nine (9) missional organizations locally and in varying countries across the world.

Music & Arts

The Worship & Arts Ministry of York Assembly of God is a vibrant, growing ministry within the church It includes contemporary and blended praise & worship teams and also provides oversight & guidance to children's and Youth music.

Our desire is to use music & arts to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth.

We embrace the call of the Great Commission to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus christ, and partner with other ministries to accomplish this directive. 

Sound & Media

The church's Sound and Media Technicians provide the congregation with technical audio and video oversight during the course of services, and other church activities.

The sound portion is to oversee the sound board and mixers for all microphones, speakers, and other audio functions.

The media portion includes managing DVDs, podcast feeds, and multimedia presentations provided by the speaker or pastor.

The most intense portion of the Sound and Media ministry occurs during the congregation's worship services. During this time the Technician is responsible for all of the microphone and instrument channels, and making sure the music is mixed properly, often while overseeing the use of PowerPoint for song lyrics and sermons.